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Are Surf Ponchos Better Than Towels? Let’s Find Out!

Are Surf Ponchos Better Than Towels? Let’s Find Out!

You might remember the surf ponchos that were all the rage from your childhood – often frog, shark and princess themed, and we’re here to tell you that whilst you may have outgrown those, your adult, saltwater-lovin’ self will definitely fall for our new surf poncho range, made from premium quality 100% Turkish cotton!

Whilst we adore our Turkish towels, surf ponchos have the added advantage of making it gloriously easy to change in and out of your swimmers and wetsuit beneath them – great if you’re a surfer or a quick-dipper who needs convenience, quality and compact design. These surf ponchos are also hooded to offer additional sun protection for your face and body, whilst freeing up your hands to carry your beach bag/coffee/kids/board.  And did we mention….they have pockets!

Ozoola surf ponchos review – they have pockets!

Super soft and remarkably quick dry, our one size fits all surf ponchos are equal parts stylish and practical. They even come with their own bag, which you can use to carry your poncho to the beach and chuck all your gear in whilst surfing.

They’ll keep you warm and protect you from the ocean breeze in winter and are sure to be your best friend in summer – so any of our surf ponchos (which come in blue, grey and sand) are sure to be a year round investment.

Come and browse our incredible range, and we’re sure that you’ll rediscover your love for surf ponchos (sans the frog hood, this time) for their functionality, premium quality and modern design.

Ozoola reviews surf poncho in charcoal
Ozoola surf ponchos come in charcoal, blue and sand