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Supporting Bushfire Relief

Supporting Bushfire Relief

The family behind OZoola have watched, along with all of Australia, in horror at what has unfolded in fire-ravaged regions across our beautiful country in the past month.  As some of you may know, we got into this business through our love of the Australian natural environment – the beaches, yes, but also the unique and glorious bush which often reaches right down to the water, creating a cool haven for coastal residents and visitors on the fringe of our sunny shores.

As surfers, we’ve spent time in many of the small and wonderful coastal communities on the NSW South Coast, including some which are right now trapped due to road closures, without food, power or communications.  To see familiar beaches lined with terrified families under blood red skies is something we will never forget.

Our heart goes out to the resilient and easy-going locals of these small towns, who have played a big role in many of our surfing odysseys along the eastern coastline.  Many have lost their homes and livelihoods, yet we have full confidence they’ll recover with the right support from those of us who are fortunate to be out of the path of the bushfires.

As such, we’re happy to announce that OZoola Beachlife are donating $10 from each order placed online in January to WIRES for wildlife rescue and the NSW RFS to support ongoing firefighting – and preventative – efforts.

We hope to be able to raise a considerable chunk to donate to these guys, who are on the ground doing the hard work which will help to right all of the devastation which has occurred for our environment and communities.  If you’d also like to make a separate donation to them, details can be found below.

Thanks, and all the best for 2020

Team OZoola

Bushfire overlooking a town on a hill