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Our Top 5 Beaches in NSW to Set Foot On

Our Top 5 Beaches in NSW to Set Foot On

As summer officially kicks off, we thought we’d share what we feel are the top five beaches in NSW, Australia to get you inspired for your next salty family getaway.

In case you didn’t notice, Australia’s coastline stretches for about 50,000 kilometres (!) which includes over 12,000 beaches - each unique and gorgeous in it’s own different way. It’s so hard to narrow this list down to only five but after our recent three months surf trip along the East Coast, we thought we’d give it a go!


1.     Tallow Beach, Byron Bay

Tallow Beach is a picturesque ocean beach - simply a piece of heaven for surfers and known for its clean surf breaks. Running from Cape Byron to Broken Head, Tallow Beach is a popular spot with swimmers, runners and fishermen as well. The mixture of the crystal clear water and the endless white sand off Cape Byron bush makes it a dreamy destination you must visit. The shore is fully exposed for the sun, so don’t forget sun protection; heaps of sunscreen, hat and of course, your OZoola beach tent.

2.     Seal Rocks, Forster

This small coastal settlement is the perfect weekend gateway from Sydney. Located in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales this dramatic headland is all about the beach. Great surfing, diving and never-ending bush walks. Don’t miss the Myall Lakes National Park and, specifically, the spectacularly stunning Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse which overlooks an unspoilt beach. WOW. An easy pick for our top five beaches in NSW!

One of the top five beaches in NSW is Seal Rocks, Forster

3.     Bawley Point

This pristine small coastal hamlet beach is just AMAZING. Tucked into a sublime stretch of coastline in the Shoalhaven region, this beach is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and is a haven for swimming, fishing and bushwalking. And of course surfing, with great right-handers off the reef.

Spend a few hours at the beach chilling under your OZoola beach tent before heading to Termeil Beach in the Meroo National Park to check out the walking tracks and lookout. Lake Termeil is a great spot for swimming as well as fishing - don’t miss out on that one.

One of the top five beaches in NSW is Bawley Point

4.     McKenzie Beach

No words needed - this beach is all you could dream of. Plenty of shoreline to chill under your OZoola beach tent, beautiful surf, clear water, and friendly locals. Great place to have an early morning swim or snorkel, especially at the southern end near the reef.  We simply loved sitting on our OZoola Beach towel for days and days, watching the surf (and the dolphin pods) whilst the kids built sandcastles. Make sure you take plenty of water and don’t forget to put lots of sunscreen with a high SPF… have you checked out our range yet?

One of the top five beaches in NSW is McKenzie Beach

5.     Quoraburagun Point

Endless white sand, crystal clear water, dark blue skies… who’s in?! Dive into the waters of Quoraburagun Point and feel the bliss of this magical place. Just a short drive on a side gravel road from Eden you will get to a long, flat, picturesque and perfect beach for walks, swims and just chilling, as we like.

One of the top five beaches in NSW is Quoraburagun Point

So now that you’re ready for you next salty adventure, don’t forget the beach essentials. Water is a must, as well as a hat and lot of sunscreen. If you’re after more than just a quick walk/surf, pack your OZoola beach tent with you to have the best (and protected) time in the sun.

Jump online now and check out our beach tent range! Add a sunscreen and a towel to your cart and off you go - we’ve got you covered for your own beach odyssey.