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Introducing Our New Stylish Beach Tents

Introducing Our New Stylish Beach Tents

After a long winter of planning and designing (and secretly wishing for summer to come around again), we can’t more excited to introduce our new premium printed sunshade! Featuring the OZoola beach tent design you love, a large canopy to provide shade to the whole family now with two unique prints to choose from!

An Ozoola ziggy beach tent – stylish and practical

Meet Ziggy

Ziggy was created for those who love a bit of an edge and style when spending a day in the sun! this black and white brushstroke print is bound to get you all the attention and will make it easy for everyone to spot you on the beach.

A stylish Ozoola palmy beach tent

Hey Palmy!

Who doesn’t love a touch of greenery in their life? Hit the beach with style with this leafy print and you immediately feel like you are on a tropical island holiday! 

Like the rest of our range, both Palmy and Ziggy are made from high-quality stretchy lycra fabric and matching sandbags and carry bag.

Even the sandbags are stylish for our beach tents

What makes OZoola different from all the other beach tents out there?  

Our beach tents provide plenty of shade with excellent sun protection UPF +50. They are lightweight, easy to set up with 3 simple steps and made from Sand Free fabric (meaning all the sand stays at the beach and not going home with you!). Most importantly, they are sturdy and wind resistant so you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

So no matter which of Australia's 12,000 beaches you're hitting, we’ve got you covered!