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Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Family Beach Blanket

Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Family Beach Blanket

If you’ve never owned a quality beach blanket, you probably feel like your threadbare hand-me-down beach towels are doing the job just fine. Sure they’re a little scratchy, you can only fit half your body on them, and once you’ve dried yourself on them they’re unpleasantly wet to lie on… but they’re fine, right? 

Wrong.  We promise you, once you’ve experienced a day at the beach with the extra comfort, space and style that a lovely thick beach blanket provides, you’ll never go back to your dingy old towels again!

If you visit the beach fairly often in the warmer months (or, like us, you visit frequently year-round) we have five good reasons why now is the time to upgrade to a family beach blanket.  

Why Upgrade to a Family Beach Blanket?

First, they’re Great for Shoulder Season Beach Visits.

Don’t let cooler weather discourage you from spending time on your favourite beach - with a family beach blanket, there’s plenty of room and plenty of cosiness for the whole family even in the cold months.  Wrap yourself in it if it’s breezy, cuddle the kids up on it after they’ve had a dip or if it’s really too cold to swim, enjoy a picnic on all that space.

2. Machine Washable Means They’re Perfect for Picnics 

Your supersized beach blanket doubles as a perfect picnic rug.  There’s plenty of room for a mountain of fish and chips or a whole watermelon - and they’re machine washable too, so spills aren’t a big deal.  Plus, the patterned beach blankets are genius at hiding stains.

3. Save Your Beach Towel for Drying Yourself

Drying yourself on a sandy, food-spotted towel that the family have been sitting on for half of the day isn't particularly pleasant.  And sitting back down on a drenched towel with which someone has just thoroughly rubbed themselves down isn’t very appetizing either. 

Keep the little towels to dry yourself and your gorgeous new family beach blanket for sitting on inside your coastal castle (yes, we mean your OZoola Beach Tent, of course!)

Woman carrying Ozoola family beach blanket
Woman and child spreading an Ozoola family beach blanket on the sand
Family using an Ozoola family beach blanket at the beach

4. They’re Super Versatile for Light Holiday Packing

It’s a beach towel.  It’s a picnic rug.  It’s a bed (or couch) throw, a yoga mat, a sarong by the pool or anywhere else you wish.  It’s that handy, versatile item you never knew you needed to make every family holiday a tiny bit easier.  

Packing guides agree; multi-purpose items like our Beach Blankets are key to keeping your bags on the small side, and your holiday easy and breezy.

5. They Make a Lovely ‘Whole Family’ Gift

It can be tough to think of presents the whole family can get something out of.  Yes, there are board games… but when you’ve worn out this option, a generously sized family beach blanket makes a lovely gift the whole family can enjoy.  Nothing brings a family together over summer more than the quintessential Aussie love of the beach, so gift a large and luxurious beach blanket to a family you love and make their beach time together even more special.