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Everything You Need to Plan a Perfect Beach Holiday

Everything You Need to Plan a Perfect Beach Holiday

Palm trees and blue skies make a perfect beach holiday

Seek out hidden gems

While Australia has a lot of famous beaches, some of the best beaches we have ever stayed at are tucked away from the usual tourist trails. Research blogs and travel websites to come up with a list of beaches that have accommodation options, as well as ‘dry land’ activities for rainy days.  Look for those which don’t receive the attention of the more popular spots. Why? Because you might wind up with the place to yourself and that is a truly memorable experience.

Pray for sun, pack for rain

While the best beach holidays are sun-drenched, you may still encounter tropical thunderstorms or a few days of rain no matter where (and when) you go. Make sure you pack suitable wet weather shoes, jackets and umbrellas, as well as some warm clothes. It also doesn’t hurt to pack some board games to alleviate the boredom if the rain hangs around for a few days.

When the sun does come roaring back, we recommend using a beach tent from our own collection at OZoola Beachlife to protect everyone from Australia’s harmful UV.

An Ozoola beach tent works in all weather, making it perfect for beach holidays

Other ‘must packs’ include good quality beach towels, heaps more sunscreen than you think you’ll need and a large tote bag to lug everything to the beach.  While there are plenty of stylish options to choose from, we love those big, blue IKEA bags.

Family sharing a perfect holiday moment on their Ozoola family beach blanket

Be practical about your accommodation

Camping right near the beach might sound like a romantic idea but let’s be clear - it can be noisy, windy and very hot so consider this if you’re a light sleeper, don’t have the right camping gear or if you’re very temperature sensitive. If this sounds like you, maybe consider a cabin, Air BnB or a hotel?

Our other tip is to thoroughly investigate whether your night-time plans are appropriate for the place you’re hoping to stay. If you’re looking to have a quiet stay, make sure you’re surrounded by like-minded visitors as nothing will ruin your peaceful holiday quite like a bunch of teenagers looking to party all night, right next door.