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Wave Break Beach Tent

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OZoola Beach Tents are designed to protect your family from the Aussie sun. With excellent UV protection UPF 50+, wind-resistant, and full 360-views, this is your MUST have for the next family beach day.

Perfect size to fit the whole family (up to 4 people) 1.5 x 2 meter 
Easy to set up: It takes only a few minutes to put up/down. No tools required.  (Check out our quick video on how to set your beach tent up here).
UPF50+: Provides excellent sun protection with plenty of shade
Lightweight: Weighs only 1.6 kg and comes in a compact carry bag
Wind Resistant: The beach tents structure allows air to flow through the canopy while giving it a lift and inflating it to its optimal shape
360-degree views: No more poles blocking your views

Canopy dimensions: 1.5×2 m
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Carry bag (when packed): 50 cm long * 12 cm width

The full kit includes the OZoola canopy, 4 sandbags, 2 poles, and a carry bag

Before packing away your OZoola Beach tent, shake out your tent and make sure all parts are dry.

Before Washing, remove anchor bags or straps and wash separately.
Machine wash cold or hand wash on gentle/delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or hang dry. No iron, no bleach.


Free returns for 21 days (T&C apply)

Wave Break Beach Tent



How many people can fit under the tent?

Our tents can comfortably fit between 4-5 people under the shade so that your whole family can enjoy your time in the sun.

Can I take my OZoola beach tent on vacation?

Absolutely! The OZoola beach tents are lightweight (1.7kg), compact and can fit perfectly in a carry-on bag. When the tent is packed in the carry bag, it is only 50cm long, 10cm in diameter. When on holiday, don’t forget to send us photos and tag us! @ozoola_beahclife

On a windy day, what is the best advice to easily assemble the tent?

First, use heaps of sand in the sand bags, as much as you can. Second, give the canopy a good stretch from each corner before placing the poles under. Make sure you place the poles in the direction of the wind it can flow through, well done!

Can I wash the fabric?

Yes! You can wash the fabric in a cold wash, we recommend hand wash. The fabric is sand resistant so a quick shake before packing should be enough. No iron, no bleech.

Does the OZoola tents meet the Australia and New Zealand standards for sun protection?

Of course! Our fabric meets the AS/NZS4399 standard which is the Australian and New Zealand standard for sun protection. Out high quality fabric was tested and ranked with a UPF rating of 50+ which qualifies this material for the UPF Excellent protection category. Always use sunscreen when spending tiem in the sun.