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The Importance of Sun Protection and the Effectiveness of OZoola Sunshade

The Importance of Sun Protection and the Effectiveness of OZoola Sunshade

When the sun’s out and the temperature rises, do you ever find yourself purchasing bottles of sunscreen to deal with the heat? If so, great job! If not, well, maybe you should keep reading…

In our battle against the sun, sunscreen is the greatest weapon in your arsenal, A long unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer.

Don’t get us wrong- We all need some sun exposure and we all love to be outdoors. When skin is exposed to the sun, our bodies make vitamin D, which plays a role in many different areas in our body, like absorbing calcium for stronger bones. It only takes a little time in the sun for most people to help our bodies produce the vitamin D we need.

It is also important to remember that all of us need to be sun-smart; The lighter someone's natural skin color, the less melanin it has to absorb UV rays and protect itself. The darker a person's natural skin color, the more melanin it has. But regardless, both dark- and light-skinned folk need protection from UV rays because any tanning or burning can cause skin damage.

Being sun smart is not only about using sunscreen on a hot sunny day, option for sunblock attire can also be a wise alternative. Sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing can help the prevention of UV rays from getting into your skin and causing side-effects.

Now you might be saying, “how can I ever go to the beach after reading this information? I’ll be doomed!” Well, the good news is that there are effective strategies that can be applied to protect you during your time at the beach. Using an OZoola Sunshade, can shield you and your loved ones from the sun’s rays, and if you’ve covered yourself with sunscreen products as mentioned, you’re all set to enjoy a relaxing day on the sand and in the water.

Always remember that your protection against the sun is important, your health should never be at risk from UV radiation. As long as you have your OZoola sunshade with you, you can safely enjoy your time in the sun.